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About Janine


Janine Gulya

​As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I empower, educate and motivate my clients to eat well in order to feel and look their best! I truly believe that by making simple changes in lifestyle, attitude, exercise and nutrition, one can achieve their best health. I want people to know they do not have to live with migraines, chronic fatigue, bloating, excess weight or discomfort. I have seen first hand how bringing balance to your life and your plate can eliminate the discomforts that impact one’s daily life.

I became interested in health and wellness in my 20s when I tried every fad diet out there. As time went on, I began reading food labels, seeking knowledge and learning how everything we eat, impacts our bodies. I knew I could make more informed choices for my family and wanted to use that knowledge to help others. Using myself as an experiment, I was able to reduce my chronic migraines, gain energy and make smarter food choices without ever feeling deprived. In the end, not only did I benefit from the changes, my entire family did as well. WIN-WIN.

As a busy wife and mom, I understand the challenges we face in taking time to care for ourselves. Everyone and everything else always comes first. I get it. I am just like you. My mission is to help my clients see the act of self care and love as a priority. Health is so important to our overall happiness and longevity. Let’s partner together to achieve your health goals!



  • Weight Loss Counseling

  • Healthy Children Education

  • Food Allergy Management

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