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Initial Health Consultation

Freshly Squeezed Juice

This is a complimentary, 45 minute assessment where we will review the client’s health history and discuss their goals.

One on One Wellness Coaching Program


Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain energy or eliminate chronic discomforts, this program is for you. Over the course of these sessions, this one on one coaching program is designed specifically to meet each client’s individual goals. We will discuss balancing your life, your plate and introduce you to you strategies to improve your overall health and lifestyle.

Healthy Meals Served with Love

Family Cooking

Life is busy, cooking is a chore, my kids are picky… sound familiar? This program is designed with your needs in mind. Over the course of 8 sessions, we will discuss all things related to your family’s health. You will walk away with meal ideas, recipes and fun ways to keep your children healthy and enjoying a variety of foods. This program is developed specifically to your family preferences as there is no one size fits all when it comes to a healthy family!

Food Sensitivities


Are you constantly bloated? Do you suffer from migraines? Struggle with being tired all the time? Were you recently diagnosed with a food intolerance or allergy and unsure of where to even begin? This program will bring you education in this area and help you pinpoint what could be triggering your discomforts.   

Pantry Makeover


Want to get healthy but do not know where to start? Your kitchen is the best place! In this one time, 2 hour session, we will connect in your kitchen and take a look around.  Various ingredients are hiding in everyday products we have come to know as “healthy” and could be hindering your ability to lose weight and feel great. Together we will review the products you are buying and discuss healthy alternatives to achieve your goals.

Group Wellness Coaching


Learn various ways to improve your health and lifestyle in a small group setting. Each group will consist of 5-10 participants. We will discuss various topics related to ways to improve our health, implement small changes in your everyday life to yield big rewards and have plenty of fun in the process!

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